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Sodium Carbonate Light – Soda Ash


Soda ash / Anhydrous Washing Soda

Sodium Cabonate has many uses including, GLASS MANUFACTURE, maintenance of swimming pools and spas, taxidermy, chemical labs and in Laundry & Household cleaning.

In domestic use it is used as a water softener during laundry by removing hard water ions. Without using washing soda, additional detergent is needed to soak up the magnesium and calcium ions. It effectively removes oil, grease, and alcohol stains.

Sodium carbonate is also used as a descaling agent in boilers such as found in coffee pots, espresso machines, etc. Sodium carbonate is used to encapsulate and kill mold. When mixed with water and put in a spray bottle, it is sold for its anti-mold cleaning ability. It is also used to blast off mold from wood or other materials.

Sodium carbonate may be used for safely cleaning silver. First, aluminium foil is added to a glass or ceramic container, and covered with very hot water and some sodium carbonate. Silver items are dipped into this “bath” to clean them, making sure the silver makes contact with the aluminium foil. Finally, the silver is rinsed in water and let to dry.

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Soda ash

Anhydrous Washing Soda

Technical grade

Sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash, is a white, anhydrous and hygroscopic powder with a purity. This is the version known as “light soda”. On a special order basis we can also get this product in granular form.

Sodium carbonate has a melting point of 851C, it decomposes when heated and therefore a boiling point can not be determined. Sodium carbonate is an inorganic salt and therefore the vapour pressure can be considered negligible. It is soluble in water and solubility increases with temperature. The average particle size diameter (d50) of light sodium carbonate is in the range of 90 to 150 µm and of dense sodium carbonate is in the range of 250 to 500 µm. Sodium carbonate is a strong alkaline compound. The pKa of CO3 2- is 10.33, which means that at a pH of 10.33 both carbonate and bicarbonate are present in equal amounts.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not for human or animal consumption.


Properties of sodium carbonate light: 

  • Synonyms: Soda ash; carbonic acid disodium salt; disodium carbonate; calcined soda;
  • CAS No. 497-19-8
  • EINECS No: 207-838-8
  • Appearance: white fine powder
  • Purity: 99+%
  • Formula: Na2CO3
  • Relative Density: 2.53 g/cm3
  • Molar Mass: 105.99 g mol/1
  • Melting point: 851 oC decomposes
  • Solubility: soluble in water 106 g/l at 20C
  • pH: 12 at 106 g/l at 25C


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